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Competitive Insights

You vs. Your Competitors

Enter 3 of your self-identified competitors and see how you rank according to 5 data points:

  • 1.Search Engine Traffic Rank Generated from search engine metrics, this is the rank of your website when compared to every other website on the internet. Wikipedia, Facebook, YouTube and Google are ranked #1-4.
  • 2.Web Traffic Value Using the number of search engine visitors you get every month, this is the estimated cost of purchasing the same amount of traffic through Google Adwords. It's calculated by taking the amount of your search engine traffic times Google's average cost per click for that keyword. The website traffic value is how much advertising you're getting for free by improving your search engine traffic!
  • 3.Search Engine Traffic The number of search engine visitors you get every month.
  • 4.Keywords The number of search terms that you're ranked in the top 20 for on Google.
  • 5.Backlinks The number of other websites that put a hyperlink on their website directing traffic to your site.

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