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Email Marketing

The #1 way to communicate with your customers!

For over a decade our email team has been a worldwide leader in full service permission based email marketing. From list building ideas to full service creative services....we know email. This experience enabled us to “bake in” effective tools to turbo-charge your email marketing campaigns.

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Create Effective Email Newsletters

  • Easy to use interface
  • Complete Template Library or Build Your Own
  • Cost Effective
  • Combine with our landing page editor for high conversion rates

Know What Works

  • Robust Analytics
  • High Delivery Rates
  • Integrates within the Market Smart 360 Platform
  • Platform enables you to constantly build your email lists with ALL media

Reach your customers where they see it most — their inbox!

Refresh your email lists, build creative, send emails and analyze the data.

Next Generation Email

Our expertise in email has allowed us to develop a platform that offers simple yet effective email design and delivery. Our easy to use interface lets you be creative without worrying about being up to speed on your HTML skills. Target your emails to send to your entire list, or separate it into groups by interest or geographic location. Plus, our platform enables you to constantly build and update your email lists with all media. It’s all up to you; you’re in the driver’s seat!

We Help Solve Email Marketing’s Biggest Challenge!

Research proves that 30% of your email recipients will change their email address this year or become inactive. As an email marketer, this could prove to be your biggest challenge. The Market Smart 360 email system is just that…a system of solutions including web forms and landing pages that, when used in tandem, enables you to utilize all your media and constantly build and refresh your email lists.

Concierge Email

Does your company need a more full service email experience? If so, our skilled team is here to build and manage your email marketing efforts. Let us do the design and delivery while you watch your results from our advanced analytics center. Market Smart 360’s email team is always up to date on the newest trends and best practices to keep your campaigns on track. We will monitor the success of each campaign and work with you to ensure the best conversion rates and ROI.

Robust Analytics

Market Smart 360’s advanced analytics give you vital details about your email campaigns. We build upon your existing subscriber data with social, demographic and behavioral information to increase click-through-rates and lower opt-out-rates. After you deliver your emails, jump into our analytics center so you can monitor your click-through-rates, bounce rates, and open rates for all your campaigns.

Integrates within the Market Smart 360 Platform

Combine email marketing with our top-notch landing page editor and track it all in our powerful Tracking console. Export leads from the platform into your own CRM database and follow the entire sales process from start to finish. The Market Smart 360 Platform is a one-of-a-kind full circle marketing system that will help you with your campaign at each point of contact with your leads. It just makes sense!

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