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Landing Page Editor

Increase conversions with the easiest landing page editor in the business!

Creating high converting landing pages is key to growing your business online. While the "gurus" would have you believe it’s a secret art, you can actually learn the basic methods very quickly. It’s easier than you think! You can give customers the exact information they are looking for while capturing lead data and increasing sales.

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  • A/B Testing
  • Robust Analytics
  • No programming needed
  • Cost effective
  • Integrates within the Market Smart 360 Platform
  • Easily use landing pages for ALL advertising

Connect all advertising efforts with high conversion landing pages.

Generate leads and know exactly what makes them take action.

A/B Testing

A/B testing can double effectiveness of lead conversion. Find out what works best for your landing page; in fact, our user friendly interface makes it a snap to test various designs so your customers will make your decisions for you! A simple click or two, and your changes will feed through to the active page.

Robust Analytics

Keep up to speed on all aspects of your campaigns. Easy implementation of tracking tools, such as Google Analytics, is a valuable component to see the full picture of how your media is performing.

No programming needed

It really is as simple as click, drag, and drop. You have complete control over your landing page design and functionality. No matter how simple or complex your idea is, you can build a landing page as quickly and easily as a slide on a power point presentation. Start from scratch, or choose from our ever expanding landing page gallery.

Cost effective

With your license, there is no limit on how many landing pages you can design and build. So make as many as you want, and with the number of leads you’ll start receiving and converting, you’ll get hooked! No matter what size business you are, we provide you with all you’ll need, at a very affordable price.

Easily use landing pages for ALL advertising

It is important to use landing pages for all media! We realize that smart marketers use an effective mix of online and traditional media. That includes you. Our simple process gives you the power to use landing pages throughout your media initiatives, increasing conversions everywhere. Think about it, if you can increase conversions by 10% or more each month by optimizing your landing pages, just think how much more effective all your marketing will be next year at this time!

Integrates within the Market Smart 360 Platform

This is your marketing game changer. One platform, many solutions…all working together. That's smart marketing. Our mission is to enable any business to have the effectiveness of a “one stop shop”. Our landing page editor plays nice with our email system who likes our Tracking system who loves our review tracking software that shows well in our website mobilization offering…get the picture? The Market Smart 360 Platform is a one-of-a-kind full circle marketing system that just makes sense!

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